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Hello Friend

A big thank you for considering us for your website hosting needs!

Web hosting is a service that ensures that your website can be reached anywhere in the world at any time of day.

  99.9% Uptime

Our websites are hosted in a US based data center with 99.9% uptime. We receive instant notifications on our mobile app should a website go down, giving us the opportunity to fix the problem before your customers know about it.

  Unlimited data and disk space

Not all web hosting packages are equal. Many web hosts will limit you to a small quota, and send you a bill for over usage as soon as your website starts to attract major traffic. Not so with us. We allow for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage so that you can control your monthly costs. No surprise bills for hosting!


Friend, we can no longer ignore the risks associated with Malware, Ransomware and other cyber threats. Web sites are constantly under attack from hackers to try and exploit your search engine rankings or to gain your customers’ information. We know, because we have unhacked 36 hacked websites this year alone! All of them were hosted on cheaper web hosts where they do not provide protection from these risks.

Our secure hosting platform provides an isolated environment and perpetual security scans, whereby infected files are reported and patched automatically. Your website is safe with us.

  20 x FASTER

Your website is hosted on SSD technology, ensure up to 20 times faster page loads. Page load speed is extremely important for your search engine ranking. Slow website generally don’t rank well.

  Automatic Updates

Your WordPress site may expose vulnerabilities in the near future. Automatic updates are essential as security updates are released. Rest assured in the fact that we take care of all your updates, ensuring uninterrupted service.

  Monthly Backups

All our sites are backed up on a monthly basis. Should disaster strike, we’ll be ready to restore a prior backup to bring your site online in no time.

These sites are already hosted with us.

Friend, why don’t you contact us right away so that we can discuss your web hosting requirements?

We’ll even meet you after hours so that we don’t interrupt you during your business hours.

Don’t delay any longer.

The cost of marketing is far less than the cost of NOT marketing.